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Walkout basement house plans

The walkout basement helps alleviate that underground, dark feel and make your guests and family want to relax down there. ‍ Potential income - If you are looking for a little extra cash, you might consider turning the walkout basement into a separate apartment. The separate entrance will help you keep your privacy. ‍ Cons.

Walkout and traditional style basements both offer their own advantages. I decided long ago that my next house will have a walkout basement. A walkout basement is one that has a wall, windows, and a door at ground level that you can exit through, so they offer more natural light.

Important Information. Butler’s Mill is a two story craftsman style lake house plan with a walkout basement and garage. A perfect blend of stone, shake and horizontal siding on the exterior of this home creates a cottage style feel from the roadside. The family room comes with a fireplace and is open to the dining room allowing you to easily.

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The walkout basement can represent a large and undervalued part of the living space in your property, but it doesn't have to. Spice up your walkout with one of Walkout Basement Ideas (16 Design Tips). 1. Play Room for Kids. Use the solid walls of the basement for cupboards and drawers, and the stairs.

Mountain House Plan 51854 has 2,470 square feet of living space on the main floor. Plus, the walkout basement can be finished to add 2,389 square feet. With the lower level, the plan offers 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The rustic exterior is made of stone, wood, and shake siding. Curb appeal is enhanced with Craftsman columns on the front porch.

Traditional country house plan with 6 bedrooms and beautiful design. TD-300722-2-3 1730sqf/161m 2 Floor 2 Bedroom 3 Bath 2 Cars Two-story Barn style house plan with panoramic windows is suitable for lovers of modern style. The layout of the house includes 3 bedrooms, main room, kitchen and sauna. TD-220722-2-5 2630sqf/245m 2 Floor 2 Bedroom 5 Bath.

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